Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bed Time

Getting ready for bed is usually not too bad.  I like her to have a shower first, then it is easier to put her down. When she was raising us kids, rarely did she ever worry about matching tops and bottoms or colour coordination, but now it seems to be important to her.

Mom:  Are you going anywhere tonight?
Moi:     No, mom, it's almost time for bed.  Let's get you a shower and then you will be ready.  It's 7:30, let's go
Mom:   It's not thirty (30) yet, it's only at the five.
Moi:   Ok, you're right.  Let's go.

After shower.

Mom:  Are these mine?  (points to the PJ bottom and top)
Moi:  Yes, I bought them for you.  Do you like them (they are purple and have barbie dolls on them but they don't sell matching tops so I paired them up with a hot pink PJ top).
Mom:  Well, I like purple and I like the picture.  But, they don't match.
Moi:   I know Mom.  It's okay, you're just going to bed.  And besides they don't make a top to match.
Mom:  What do they expect you to do?
Moi:   I don't think anyone is going to notice.
Mom:  I guess it will have to do but i think they should make matching tops.