Monday, February 15, 2016

Moms and their Family

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and today is Family Day.  Sometimes family members are not always able to be there when you want or need them to be.  Recently I was upset with my brother but today it's all good. He really does have a good heart.

Last night Mom and I were sitting around half watching TV when my brother called.  He lives in the same city as we do and sometimes he struggles with his own challenges and limitations, he is not working, he needs back surgery, doesn't have a vehicle, and sometime he gets busy with his own life and forgets to come by and visit.

Just before 9pm, the phone rang and it was my brother calling to wish Mom a happy valentine's day and say that he loves her.  She could not hear him properly, She did not really know it was him.  She could not remember which son he was - she thought it was her other son in Sarnia.  Today upon reflection, I think the thought was so nice.

Moms are special; once a mom always a Mom and they will always care about their children.  No matter what.

Mom:  who is this?
My Bro:  it's me mom, Albert
Mom:  who?
Moi:  it's Albert, your son, Al
Mom:  oh, how are you - what are you doing?
My Bro:  I'm just calling to say Happy Valentine's Day Mom
Mom:  happy what ...
My Bro:   Happy Valentine's Day
Moi:  Happy Valentine's Day
Mom:  Is it Valentine's Day
Moi:  yes Mom
My Bro -  I love you Mom
Mom:  you what?
My Bro:  It's Al Mom, I'm just calling to say Happy Valentine's Day and I love you.
Mom;  Are you still living in Sarnia?
My Bro:  No, Mom I'm Al, Roger lives in Sarnia
Mom:  oh, when did you move?
Moi:   it's Al Mom, he lives here
Mom:   oh,
My Bro:  ok, mom, I'm going to let you go
Mom -  ok, be good
My Bro:  I'm always good Mom - I'm not in jail, yet
Mom:   jail ... what did you do?
My Bro:  It's Ok Mom, everything is ok, I'm always good
Mom:  you think so?  Be good ...
Moi:  Say bye now Mom
Mom:   Ok, be good.  Bye

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