Sunday, February 14, 2016

Music is like medicine

Music is like medicine to people with dementia.  Mom and I went to a celebration party with some friends; there were two fine fiddlers, a few awesome guitars, excellent home-made food and good friends present.  It made us remember how much we miss the good old days.

When we were young, music played a huge part in our family and our life.  My father played the fiddle, my brothers played the guitar, and the girls would dance (with the dog) and we'd have dance contests.  It was so good for the family and it brought back some fine memories.  

Old-time fiddle music was a daily occurrence in our home and now that my Dad is gone, we don't hear it anymore.  It was so wonderful to see mom enjoying herself,  She was clapping her hands (not missing one beat) and toe tapping to the time of the music and we even got up to shake a leg (while holding both my hands) and jig abit.  We had a wonderful time and it really did us both a ton of good.

Mom played piano when she was a child; she had her grade 8 in music.  There is something about a beat ... almost like the heart beat.

Awesome day.

Click  ((((( H E R E ))))) if you want to hear from great fiddle music.
Mom and I are there, clapping.  She has her mitts on.  LOL

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