Saturday, February 6, 2016

Her Shower

When Mom was first diagnosed, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and thank God I got some help though CCAC and Carefor.  At this time, a lovely lady Avan comes to the house to give Mom a shower a few nights per week (she is also incontinent).  This gives me a little time to work on my business, go get a few groceries or spend some time with friends.   

Mom:  You know that lady that comes here to give me a shower?
Moi:  Yes ... Avan (she still cannot remember her name and she has been coming for at least 1.5 years)
Mom:  Yes 
Mom:  Does she give you a shower too
Moi:  No, Mom, just you 
Mom:  Do we need to pay her?
Moi:  No Mom
Mom:  That is so nice of her, isn't it?
Moi:  Indeed it is nice of her

Everything is so simple with her.  It is either black or white.  No gray.  

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