Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lost Shoes

Mom is very unstable on her feet.  She uses a walker unless it is too complicated and I will hang onto her arm/hand so she does not fall.  It  has become our habit to always keep either her moccasins or  shoes on all the time.
Today we went visiting to one of my friend's hime.  We removed mom shoes at the door.  We were enjoying quiet pleasant conversation and mom was sitting there next to me.  One of the guests was talking  and mom leans over and blurps out.
"Michele.  Michele, where are my shoes? (She was distraught)  I lost them.  I don't know where they are.  Can you help me find them."  She was so serious. 
"It's ok mom, we left them at the front door and we will put them back on before we leave."  It was hard not to laugh because she might have felt embarrassed. 
She is like a young child.  She needs to feel safe and secure and part of that is having the reassurance that everything is ok and knowing that both her shoes are on her feet. 

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