Monday, February 15, 2016

Going for a Ride

Mom loves going for a ride.  We try to go out every day and sometimes it's just to look around or go pick up some milk.   She gets very bored doing her puzzle book. I don't know what I would do without my car.

Mom:  are we going anywhere
Moi:  yes we're going to go out later for abit
Mom:  where are we going
Moi:   for a ride ... (I used to tell her the details but now I just say for a ride)
Mom:  ok I'm ready
Moi:  where is your buggy
Mom:  in my room
Moi:  I think maybe we should bring it
Mom:  it won't run away on me you know ...

Mom:  are we on Bank street?
Moi:    not right now, we're on Carling
Mom:  oh ok
A few minutes later
Moi:   do you know where we are now? (We're actually now on bank street getting closer to where we live)
Mom:  yes
Moi:  where
Mom:  we're in the car

Mom:  you're such a good driver Michele
Moi:  thank you mom ... do you say that to your other driver Kevin (he picks her up and brings her to Wabano) 
Mom:  no
Moi:  is he a good driver?
Mom:  yes
Moi:  maybe you should tell him
Mom:  but I don't want to disturb him ...
Moi:  I think you should tell him that he is a good driver ... I'm sure he will appreciate that
Mom:  ok I'll tell him the next time I see him 

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