Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Getting Dressed

Mom usually needs help dressing.  If she had her way, we would go out with her wearing her colour coordinated pj's not because she knows the difference (she doesn't) but because she is always ready to go at the drop of a hat ...she loves going out, even if only to go for a ride and just look around.  I am so grateful that she is still able to go to her program (it gives me a little break and she gets stimulated).

Mom - Are we going anywhere today?
Moi - Yes Mom, it's Wednesday, you are going to Wabano; let's get you dressed.
Mom - Where's my coat
Moi - No Mom, we need to take off your pj's and put on some clothes.  Let's take those pj's off and we will change your undershirt and put on your bra.
Mom - You just want to see my titties ... (lol ... she says this almost every single day)
Moi - Sure Mom, do you say that to Avan when she gives you a shower?
Mom - No way ... I just say it to you
Moi -  There.  you're all set for the day.

A few minutes later.
Mom - I'm so glad I had a girl first
Moi - I know ... can you imagine if Roger or Albert (my brothers) had to get you dressed in the morning or give you a shower ..
Mom - I know, it's true.

I know she appreciates everything I do for her but not as much as I appreciate everything she has done for me over the past sixty years.